Windows 11, 10 or 8.1 Features Differences

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Windows is an operating system of the company Microsoft windows, which throughout its history, has windows 8.1erienced several versions that have been adding improvements in its graphics environment, in its performance, in the hardware characteristics of the computer and in the applications of utilities for facilitating the work to the user. Windows 11 is its latest and current version in the market, which is having more success than its predecessor, Windows 10, thanks to the fact that it has been able to solve the problems or errors of the latter with the consumption of resources and especially with the compatibility with WINDOWS 8.1 version. It releases in October 2020; its main advantages over its predecessors is that it is faster, consumes fewer resources and is easier to use. In its aesthetic part (graphical interface), Windows 11 is very similar to Windows 10, in fact, it presents many functions of it. Windows 11 release date is coming soon in 2020. It presents improvements in the Aero Windows function; introducing Aero Peek, which shows a thumbnail view of the tasks that are minimized in the taskbar when the mouse pointer is passed over them. There is also Aero Shake, which allows you to minimize all windows easily by moving one, which is the one that will stay maximized and Aero Snap, which allows you to comfortably organize the windows on the desktop. Another change is the disappearance of Windows Sidebar from Windows Windows 10, gadgets can be located anywhere on the desktop in a floating way. There are other developments such as the reduction of the operating system startup time, greater compatibility at the hardware and software level, saving the energy consumption of the PC, handling the system through touch screens, greater data and network security, it can be installed in netbooks, and allows more efficient searches on the hard disk, Internet, etc.
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Windows 11 presents several editions, which are: Windows 11 Starter , preinstalled on PCs with limited hardware, especially for netbooks; Windows 11 Home Premium, for home use; Windows 11 Professional, for business use; Windows 11 Ultimate, for business use, specifically for large companies; Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise, designed to meet the needs of the company’s customers, helping to improve user productivity, and streamlines PC equipment management. Are also the N editions of Windows 11 designed in order to submit to the European regulations, are available five editions: Starter N, Home Premium N, N Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate N. At the moment it presents only one update (Service Pack 1), and it is presumed that the Microsoft company will launch its successor in 2020, suspecting that it will be named Windows 11. Visit look of windows 11 here

Differences between Windows 11, Windows 10 or WINDOWS 8.1

Based on users’ opinions,  Microsoft has created a much more simplified version of the PC, incorporating features such as a better view of the Toolbar and many easy-to-use features, such as instant file search and network access. Home, HomeGroup. The company has also improved the performance of the 64-bit processor that is on most PCs and included improvements to hibernate, shut down quickly, use less memory and recognize USB or auxiliary memories, more efficiently.  
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Windows 11  also offers new possibilities

For online video streaming and has touch screen tools.  The previous ones are significant improvements for users who go from Windows 10  or  WINDOWS 8.1  to Windows 11. If you are a Windows 10 user, the improvements you will notice when moving to Windows 11 will be more subtle.

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